All in One Platform

Complete Screening and Credentialing Management Platform

ResultsFile makes it easy for your customers to manage the entire process of employee, contractor and student screening and credentialing. Help your customers keep their organizations safe, secure, and fully compliant with workforce regulations.

No servers to manage.
No software to install.
Constantly improving.
Completely secure.

Who Uses the ResultsFile Platform as a Service?

Our cloud platform provides huge benefits to any business in the screening and credentialing market. Expand your business with new service lines and offer your customers a streamlined experience. We offer fully customizable, white labeled technology.

All the tests and certifications they need.
Customers can log in to the platform anytime, anywhere on just about any device and get clear views of screening orders, individual credentials, and compliance status for their whole organization. Participants can see their own status and records.
Order a wide variety of services from our marketplace, including: Pre employment screening, employment and credential verification, training certification, occupational health screens, and clinical tests.
At a glance confirmation—see who’s been screened, who hasn’t, and who needs to get recertified. Progressive ordering tracks completion and only orders the next test when the first is successful.
No one wants to hunt down test results across multiple systems. Provide results faster and keep them all in one secure location.
Help ensure contractors, employees, or students stay up to date with the requirements for their business, government agency, or school.

Make Everything Easier

The ResultsFile Platform provides a broad range of features and comprehensive functionality designed to enhance your business.

Lab Networks

Network partnerships make lab testing easy with 1000’s of locations to choose from nationwide.

Easy for Students & Employees

Offer a simple app to manage screening and lab tests instead of complicated paper instructions.

Full Support

We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure our customizations meet the needs of their screening and credentialing customers and streamline their own businesses.

National Prescriptive Authority

Our Medical Director is licensed in all 50 States so customers can order clinical tests anywhere in the US.

Digital Reporting & Records

Get rid of paper processes and keep track of all participant records in one secure location.

Complete Security

ISO 27001 certified to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access and processing.

Integrate With

Our simple APIs and integration capability brings screening and credentialing services together with HR systems to create a fully digital ecosystem.

Vendor Service Integration

Integrations with vendor partners provide online ordering, status tracking, and results reporting.

ATS & HR Integration

Integrations with ATS and other HR systems keep participant records up to date without additional data entry.

Lab & Clinic Integration

Integrations with lab and clinic systems speed up and simplify the delivery of test results.

Partners You Can Rely On

We’re screening industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience, so we have a deep understanding of our partners’ unique needs. We use a Rapid Application Development process to quickly deliver custom solutions that enhance our partners’ business and wow their customers.

Want to see how it works?