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Our partners use ResultsFile to add new lines of business, speed up customer onboarding, and streamline internal operations.

Why ResultsFile?

Make More Money

Give your clients a complete range of screening and credentialing services all in one place by enabling new services in your own white labeled marketplace. It’s easier for clients to manage, and it brings in more money for you.

Reduce Support Calls

Dramatically reduce support call volume with a self-service platform that makes it easy for your clients to log in, order services, check the status of existing orders, and view results.

Turnkey Service Expansion

Today you do background checks. Tomorrow you could offer drug testing in all fifty states. Or employee health screening. Or credential verification. Or all of those services and many more.

Cut Your Costs

Eliminate manual verification and paper processes with ResultsFile’s fully digital platform. From ordering to result delivery, our digital integrations speed up the entire process and increase your service capacity.

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