Background Checks and Employment Screening

Our partners and their customers can order and manage all of the services they need to screen candidates in one place. Everything from background checks to fingerprinting, employment verification, and drug screening—it’s all in the ResultsFile marketplace.

Drug: Required Background Grade: 00 Active Lida Daniels Drug: Eligible Background Grade: 00 Active Alta Hines Drug: Failed Background Grade: 00 Active Allie McKinney Drug: Failed Background Grade: 00 Active Lee Hartman Drug: Required Background: Required Active Marcus Honsumo Drug: Eligible Background: Required Active Maria Rodriguez Drug: Required Background: Required Active Wayne Underwood Drug: Required Background: Required Active James Johnson

ResultsFile Brings it All Together

Provide one platform for your clients to order, track, and manage all of their background checks and other pre-employment screening services in one place. Extensive integrations allow them to view results from all of their screening data sources in one online system that they can access from anywhere.

Do you provide screening services? Want to expand?

Simplified Pricing

By creating a high-volume marketplace, vendors can offer their best price to all buyers in the system and no one has to waste time on negotiations.

Save Time

Streamlined workflows save buyers hours spent placing orders and tracking down results from separate systems, while making vendor systems more efficient.

Complete Security

Our cloud platform is ISO 27001 certified and employs the latest data security practices to protect participant privacy and keep your data secure.

ATS Integration

ResultsFile integrates with end user ATS systems to avoid duplicate data entry and simplify their record keeping.

ResultsFile OrderProcess Send Order FINISH Background Check I-9 Verification General Drug Screening Past Employment Verification SERVICES Reason... Employment Screen REASON Employee Health Check Employment Screen Pre-Site Access Promotion Periodic Participant... Marcus Honsuma PARTICIPANT YOUR ORDER Marcus Honsuma For: HR Director, San Antonio Reason: Employment Screen Services Background Check $29 General Drug Screening $10 Subtotal $39

See Exactly How ResultsFile Simplifies the Screening Process

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