National Prescriptive Authority

Our Medical Director is licensed in all 50 States so you can order clinical tests and certify results anywhere in the US.

Clinical Testing Has Never Been Easier

Ordering, authorization, result review and verification—the entire process runs through an automated digital process that’s 4 to 5 days faster than the traditional clinical testing process.

Our Medical Director is certified in all 50 states so he can authorize lab testing orders and review results no matter where you operate.

ResultsFile OrderProcess Send Order FINISH Background Check I-9 Verification General Drug Screening Past Employment Verification SERVICES Reason... Employment Screen REASON Employee Health Check Employment Screen Pre-Site Access Promotion Periodic Participant... Marcus Honsuma PARTICIPANT YOUR ORDER Marcus Honsuma For: HR Director, San Antonio Reason: Employment Screen Services Background Check $29 General Drug Screening $10 Subtotal $39

Automated Authorization

The platform can create Electronic Authorization forms for multiple services at once, with automated email delivery and notifications to participants and stakeholders.

Clinical Lab Integrations

Order and receive results for clinical tests and vaccines in one portal - no more chasing down results from the clinic or manually matching up orders.

Result Review and Oversight

Digital ordering and centralized result review and delivery dramatically reduces the time it takes to conduct and certify tests.

See Exactly How ResultsFile Streamlines Clinical Testing

Process more tests, expand your business.